Install and Run

Running Capstone Squad Annotator

Open the Capstone Squad:
$ cd frontend
We build this application using yarn. However, if it doesn't run it is probably because you don't have the necessary installations. The command line will tell you which packages you would need to install.
We will proceed with the next step:
$ yarn build
After this, we will head over to the chrome website and click on the extension button at the top right of the screen.
A popup will open below and there is a button that we have to click on called Manage Extensions.
After we press the button for Manage Extensions, the website should be redirected to a website that looks like this.
From here, we will press the "Load unpacked" button and and we have to find the build of our frontend in the extension directory.
Once you find the build folder in the extension directory go ahead and press the "Select" button.
The popup should now appear in the top right of your extension button. There are several options on how to use the extension. Anyways enjoy our project :) !